Offer viewers the power of interactive and dynamic Excel-like tables and allow them to decide how to organize and analyse their data in a flexible grid without leaving Power BI!

Every now and then we all use tables in our Power BI reports. Power BI tables offer great general functionality, but when it comes to custom grouping, ordering, or pivoting, they lack the power and freedom for the viewers.

People are very eager to work with Excel because it offers different views, makes changes, and works flexibly. Once your data is in Excel, you’re not in control of it anymore because people can share it with everyone, which can cause decisions based on incorrect data.

With the SuperTables visual, you offer your viewers a flexible Excel-like data grid in a report in a governed and secured way. Slice and dice your data and tables, create your own hierarchy, drill down, hide tables, group, add images, sort, and pivot, all in a user-friendly and intuitive way.

Everything is in the report; you no longer have to worry about data flying around. People with access to the report can use SuperTables, whether you’re a creator or a viewer. It’s made for you, and you decide what you want to show. Enrich your reports with the SuperTables visual for Power BI and allow your visitors to do their own analysis with the summarized data of your visualizations. Analyzing data has never been easier, more governed, or secured.

“I love how you can change the layout of the table with dragging and dropping.

And how easy it is to create a pivoted table. Super flexible!”

Countless features

Inline Filter

Inline filters standard in Supertables extension for Tableau Dashboards

SuperTables comes with an extensive set of built-in column filter types. You can also filter by all columns simultaneously with quick filtering.

Easy Grouping

Grouping made easy in Supertables for Tableau. Dashboard users can do their own grouping

Let your users explore the data. SuperTables allows the viewers to group by specific columns. Optionally, you can display various aggregate column values in the grouped row.

Autosize Columns

Autosize your collumns with just one click with the SuperTables extension for Tableau

Just one click and the width of your column will fit the content it contains. Get enough space to watch your data!


Export your data to excel or CSV with the SuperTables extension for Tableau

Let your users export data to CSV or Excel file format right from the SuperTables visual. The excel format preserves the styling.

Aggregate Calculations

Aggregated Calculations to make sure your ratios are proper calculated with the Supertables extension for Tableau

Your calculations will be on summarized data or row level, you choose! To calculate ratio’s your data has to be summarized before calculated.

Full Drill-Down

Expanding rows to drill down with the SuperTables extension for Tableau

The drill-down option of SuperTables allows your users to expand rows and have an additional grid with different columns inside for further analysis.

SuperTables in Power BI

There is more!

  • Filter, Parameter and Highlight Actions
  • Header grouping
  • Prefix and suffix
  • Tooltips for headers

Using a table in your Dashboard comes in handy if you want to provide your viewers with extra context on their visualization. Drag the SupertTables visual to your report, configure the data(sheet) to feed the table and provide your viewers with some amazing details. You’ve never seen a more powerful Table!

Pivot your Table

Enable your users to pivot the data shown in the SuperTables extension for Tableau

Empower your advanced viewers! Let them make columns out of values by pivoting on the data right in your table, similar to Pivot Tables in Excel.

Design Themes

Dual theme in Supertables for Tableau to match your dashboard design

SuperTables comes default with a light and dark theme to fit your dashboard design. And it is also possible to make your own theme now!

Dashboard Actions

Dashboard Actions - supertables interact with sheets in your dashboard in two directions

Your SuperTable has a two way interaction with other sheets in your dashboard. Configure what sheets you want to interact with.

Are you ready to turn the Tables?

Product Guide

Everything you need to know to get up and running!
How to configure your SuperTables


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