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Infotopics AfT B.V. (owner of, located at Lage Doelen 2, 7772 BL Hardenberg, the Netherlands, is responsible for the processing of personal data as shown in this privacy statement.

Please read this Policy before using Custom Visuals. If you do not want your information to be processed by Custom Visuals, please do not use Custom Visuals and/or provide it to us.

The “Custom Visuals” as described in this Policy apply to any of the visuals from the following list of Custom Visuals developed by Infotopics AfT B.V. :

  • SuperTable
  • PictureThis

Contact details: 

Infotopics AfT B.V.

[email protected] 


1. Information we collect when you use Custom Visuals

Apart from the user information content you voluntarily share by signing up or authenticating via a 3rd Party Authentication Provider, no other information is collected or aggregated in the Custom Visual and transmitted to our servers. We do not log any actions, events, or data being managed or visualized within the Custom Visual involuntarily.

2. Use of data

Custom Visuals provided by Infotopics AfT B.V. use information that is provided through either the Microsoft Power BI platform or Office 365 platform and/or application to convert it into a visual representation. The process of transformation is executed in the memory of the device that the user is using. Custom Visuals are not storing, sending, and/or reusing your Data for any other purpose than rendering the interactive visualizations in Microsoft Power BI.

3. Data transfer/share with others

Your data is never transferred/shared with other parties by Custom Visual.

3. Storage and protection of personal information

Custom Visuals do not collect any personal information and do not store it.

4. Security of your data

Infotopics AfT B.V takes the protection of your data seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure, and unauthorized modification. If you are under the impression that your data is not secure or that there are indications of abuse, please contact our customer service via [email protected] 

5. General terms and conditions

For the general terms and conditions go to: Terms and Conditions – Infotopics | Apps for Power BI